To the Core Again: Origins is the prologue to To the Core Again and gives a clearer vision of the protagonist’s traumatic past. It focuses on the complexities of abuse and the character’s relationship with their parents throughout their childhood.

The Team:
Jasmine Uy – Storyboards, concept art, digital paintings
Christopher Philip – Animation, editing
Mikki Pasasadaba and Luben Popov – Writing
Jaemin Go and Scott Huang – Music


The unnamed main character of To the Core Again. Origins Starts off with them as a young child and progresses through their life into their late teens, showing the escalation of their anxiety and dissociation.

The main antagonist of the story. The early memories of the protagonist shows there were good memories between them and their father, but the line between good and bad blur as more violent memories take over.

The secondary antagonist of the story. Though she does not have as direct of an impact on the protagonist as the father, the mother’s neglect and rejection is what drives the protagonist to isolate themselves.

Originally, there were plans to have a greater emphasis on the passage of time and the slow development and deterioration of the relationship between the protagonist and their parents. The different hairstyles were meant to show these time periods and the way the character’s percieved their parents. We wanted to parallel and frantically merge different times in the character’s life to reflect their anxiety, confusion, and experiences of dissociation. Unfortunately due to time constraints, we were not able to develop those scenes as deeply as originally planned with some being completely omitted from the final project.